HL-760S | 3D Lead Scan & Mark Inspection System

HL-760S system performs efficient and precise lead inspection, ball inspection, mark inspection and surface inspection with accurate 3D optical measurements for ICs on tray. The lead scanning mechanism performs multi-unit pick & place lead/ball scanning while the mark scanning and sorting mechanism performs column-by-column mark/surface scanning as well as sorting and binning of pass and fail units.
This multi-task design makes system throughput up to around 12K units per hour for operation depending on IC package size. Besides, the system is designed with small size, low height and storage space on the top, optimizing spatial allocation.
HL-760S | 3D Lead Scan & Mark Inspection System
Lead/Ball inspection
System provides 3D measurements of lead pitch, lead width, lead co-planarity, lead span, lead skew, terminal dimension, standoff …etc. for TSOP, QFP… packages. System also provides 3D measurements of ball pitch, ball diameter, ball co-planarity, ball offset, ball height, ball shape, ball quality…etc. for BGA package.
Mark/Surface inspection
Either single marking criteria can be set for all characters or 3 different criteria can be individually set for small, medium and large characters to screen out defects of double marking, low contrast marking, voids or bleeds in the mark, broken or smeared characters...etc. System also provides surface inspection to screen out body defects such as scratch, crack, chipout…etc.
3D optical measurement
The 3DX, accommodated with 2 high resolution digital cameras plus working with powerful I-Cite vision software, provides the algorithms for high speed, accurate 3D image acquiring and measurement. Sub-pixel algorithms maximize accuracy of measurements to 1/4 pixel.
High throughput
Parallel scanning and sorting, visual scanning on the fly without having to stop and position as well as extremely high speed image processing contribute system throughput up to 12K UPH depending on IC package size.
Statistical report
System provides data collection report including yield summary, rejects summary and overall statistical summary with detailed CPK data for Process and QA engineering.