HL-740A | Automated Laser Marking System

HL-740A is a professional laser marker for ICs on/in tray. Automated operation with simple setting, user can adjust power and scan speed to optimize the marking result. The system provides a high-accuracy mode and a high-speed mode.
In High-accuracy mode, system is with 0.1mm accuracy CCD alignment; In High-speed mode, system takes 40 seconds for one tray marking. HL-740A creates high-quality and high-efficiency IC mass marking.
HL-740A | Automated Laser Marking System
Automated operation
Auto tray move in, move out and replacement. Without IC picking & placing and touching can reduce the risk of damaging IC.
Powerful operation software
Parameters are saved for same marking operation. Graphical user interface makes it easy to access and manage.
High-accuracy marking
With 0.1mm accuracy CCD alignment marking, the system creates high quality marking on a wide range of materials by different kinds of power and scan speed.
High-speed marking
After CCD aligning of tray per time, system marks whole IC on tray. Besides, system takes about 40 seconds per tray to finish character marking.