HL-730A | In-Tape IC Inspection System

IC Taping Optical Inspection System

HL-730A is an IC Taping Optical Inspection System with automatic visual inspection equipment for IC taping processing. The system offers excellent performance through graphical user interface, providing fast and stable visual inspection of pocketed IC orientation, dot, marking, PVI, bent lead, void, stacking (optional), flip-over as well as tape sealing. HL-730A is the best vehicle to ensure quality of IC taping operation.
HL-730A | In-Tape IC Inspection System
Fast and stable inspection capability
Using our reliable and powerful image processing library, HL-730A system optimizes each inspection function and significantly shortens processing time to provide fast and stable inspection capability.
High production throughput
UPH (Unit Per Hour) reaches up to 40K. IC tape with pocket pitch less than 8mm can have 40000 units/hour inspection throughput.
Powerful operation software
Easy-to-use graphical user interface Parameter setup can be saved for next time operation without re-learning of sample image. Inspection results is available for engineering analysis, yield improvement and quality traceability.
Intelligent operation
Flexible inspection operation. Two operation modes are available: 1.Fail-Mark Mode (optional):Record the abnormality index and re-inspect while tape reversing. If it fails again, mark it on tape.
2.Fail-Pause Mode:(Normal Mode). Record the abnormality index and reinspect while tape reversing. If it fails again, then pause on fail for disposition.
Wide range of tape width
Applicable for tape with tape width from 8mm to 44mm (Optical Module needs to be replaced for tape width > 25mm)